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Place Carnot

Place Carnot public square and children's play area is just a couple of minutes' walk from the hotel. The Christmas Market takes place in Place Carnot every December and, for the rest of the year, there is a weekly vegetable market. Place Carnot is also home to the "Statue of the Republic", erected in 1880 for the 100th anniversary of the Revolution.

Place Bellecour

Si vous cherchez un hôtel à Lyon Bellecour, vous êtes au bon endroit ! La place Bellecour est le lieu central et incontournable de Lyon. C’est la 3e plus grande place de France et la plus grande place piétonne d’Europe. Elle sera un lieu agréable de promenades pour découvrir la statue équestre de Louis XIV et du Petit Prince. Elle abrite également l’office de tourisme de la ville ainsi que des terrasses. Sa situation centrale en fait un lieu de vie important, non loin de l’Hôtel de Ville, de l’Opéra et du Carré d’or Lyonnais ainsi que des restaurants traditionnels. Un hôtel à Lyon Bellecour, c’est la garantie d’un séjour réussi.

hotel lyon bellecour


On the hill overlooking Lyon centre stands Croix-Rousse (the so-called 'hill that works'), with its many cultural features, including the 'Trois Gaules' amphitheatre, the 'Traboules' (secret alleyways) and 'canut' apartments, typical buildings with high-ceilinged rooms and wooden beams where the silk looms were housed. This quarter is famous for its sloping streets, mural paintings and small village atmosphere on the plateau above. Discover the traditions of silk-making with a tour of the last-remaining silk workshop in Croix-Rousse or the "Maison des Canuts" museum.


Lyon's newest quarter: La Confluence is a sustainable development, with eco-friendly buildings, where leisure is key. There is a marina with its Vaporetto shuttle ferries along the Saône river, the new shopping centre and the brand new Musée des Confluences. It is also a centre for culture with concerts and exhibitions at La Sucrière venue for arts and events.

The Musée de Confluences, with its modern architecture, tells the story of our planet, humanity and society through a vast collection of over 2 million objects housed in an area of almost 22,000m² from prehistory to the present day.

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Parc de la Tête d'Or Lyon

Parc de la Tête d’Or

Starting from the hotel and making your way up the banks of the Rhône River, you will come to Tête d'Or Park, the biggest park in France (260 acres). Wander around the botanical gardens on a "Balad'Or" bike, visit the zoo dedicated to biodiversity, explore the 42 acres of lakes aboard one of the many boats available or simply enjoy a stroll with a home-made ice-cream from the "ice-cream boutique".


You can get up to the Fourvière district either by taking the funicular railway in Vieux-Lyon or, for a more physical challenge, climb up the hill on foot! Once at the top, you can visit the Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica, one of the most famous religious buildings in France, constructed in 1168. You can also take in the panoramic view of Lyon from the esplanade at the foot of the Basilica, walk in the footsteps of the very first inhabitants of Lugdunum or admire the two perfectly preserved Gallo-Roman amphitheatres.

Fourvière Lyon
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Vieux-Lyon, nestled at the foot of Fourvière hill (the so-called 'hill that prays'). Vieux-Lyon is an area filled with important historical and architectural heritage and renaissance-style buildings with a hint of Italian influence. As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has numerous places of interest that you can visit, including the Guignol Puppet Museum, Saint-Georges Church and Saint-Jean Cathedral, La Villa Florentine, La Tour Rose with its spectacular inner courtyard, the Miniatures Museum and the famous 'Traboules' or secret alleyways. Don't miss the longest 'Traboule' located at 54 rue Saint-Jean, which winds its way through four buildings and four courtyards. There are also a number of 'Bouchons Lyonnais', typical Lyon restaurants offering you the chance to discover a whole range of local specialities, such as sugared almond tart or traditional Lyon sausage.

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